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Why Choose Solar & FAQ'S From Cam

Cam the Sparky Man Port Macquarie

Why Solar

  • How do I know if my property is a good candidate for solar panels?
    Depending on your electricity usage and roof layout a professionally designed system can show you projected forecasts of how long it will take to pay off your investment through savings in your power bills.
  • Is my roof suitable for solar panels?
    Unless your roof is asbestos we are able to design a system that will work on your roof
  • How important is the orientation of solar?
    Very important to the performance of your system. East for best morning, North for midday, west for afternoon or a combination of 2 of the 3 aspects. South is the last option due to performance comprimises.
  • How many panels should I buy?
    This will depend on the output of the panels, size of your roof and how much of electricity bill you are trying to offset.
  • What solar energy rebates and incentives are available?
    Yes, there are still government rebates available to all households but these rebates go down each year.
  • What is the difference between solar rebate and feed-in tariffs?
    Rebates come off the initial price of the install and are claimed by the retailer you purchase from. Feed in tariff is what your solar system feeds back into the grid after what has been consumed by the house at that present time.
  • How much do I really save my electricity bills each month?
    This is a sliding scale and will depend on the size of your system and your electricity usage.
  • Will I still receive an electricty bill each month?
    You will always get a statement from your electricity company each billing period. If you have a amount to pay will depend on the size of your system, weather influences on how the solar has performed and your usage through that period.
  • What size solar energy system should I get?
    This will be based on your budget and how much electricity you use.
  • How long do solar panels take to install?
    A standard household system will usually be done within 1 day.
  • Will installing solar panels damage my roof?
    A correctly installed system will not damage your roof. A carless install can though cause damage to your roof when not done correctly.
  • What racking mounting will be used and what is the warranty?
    Tin roofs have a different mounting system to tile roofs and cliplok roofing even though is metal has a different mounting system again. The mounting system is design to withstand whatever wind category your area is. Usually 10yr structural warranty but each system should be checked for what its warranty is.
  • Do I have to rewire my house?
    No the existing wiring in your house to lights and power points, etc. is fine.
  • Do my solar panels produce power when the sun isn't shining?
    No the system turns off when theres not enough sun to power it and then turn on the next day when the sun comes up again and the panels start producing power again.
  • Are solar panels difficult to maintain?
    No they are fairly easy to maintain. A good solar company will educate you on basics. The tilt of the panels and regular rain keep them fairly clean. Things to watch out for is leaf build up if you have a lot of trees and bird poo.
  • Will I ever need to replace my solar panels?
    Yes nothing lasts forever but depending on the quality of the solar system you bought will have a big impact in how long the system will last for. A good quality system will last well over 15 yrs and still be performing well.
  • What are my solar financing options?
    We can arrange finance for you or you can speak to your bank.
  • How do I choose a solar retailer?
    Best options for choosing a solar retailer is to find someone local, someone who will come out to house and do a quote and measure up. The cheapest is always never the best.
  • Do I need to install solar batteries with my solar system?
    No you don’t.
  • Can I upgrade the system in the future?
    Depending on the system you bought in the first place. Cheap systems will never be able to without changing out parts. A system which has been designed for the future you will be able to YES
  • Are you a certified installer?
    Yes! A Certified installer must be a licenced electrician and also hold Design and Installation Licence. This should be check by the customer along with a photo ID as proof before the installation is started on your place. A lot of installations are install by unqualified people whos boos holds the licence. The Licenced installer must be on site for every job.
  • What is the product warranty for the solar panels?
    Minimum warranty is 25yr on the panel and 25 yr on performance. Some panels have a longer warranty on the panel. But buying a cheap panel a relying on the warranty is a recipe for disaster. I have seen many cheap systems fail and the customer have to pay to get it fixed or replaced.
  • How do I know whether the syten I'm offered is a good one?
    Unfortunately so many customers are misguided or simply lied to about the quality of the system they are being sold. Solar is very much you get what you pay for cheap is cheap. You can’t buy a Porsche for the same price as a Hyundai. The same goes for solar systems.
  • What are your company's terms and conditions of business?
    I have a workmanship warranty of 10yrs on all systems I install.
  • Do you offer additional ways to save power around the home?
    Yes we can talk to you about this on our site visit to your place.
  • What kind of after sales service do you offer?
    We can set up a cleaning schedule if you wish, we are always contactable by phone for any further assistance on technical enquiries or you can organise for us to come out to check the system. We don’t charge call out fees if a fault is found with the system not externally caused and it is fixed for free. We are locals!

Enough sunlight reaches the earth in one hour to power the world for an entire year. Unlike the substantial resources and capital needed to extract and burn fossil fuels, anyone can purchase and install solar panels to take advantage of this abundance of sunlight. Best of all, solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.

Top 7 Benefits of Solar Energy:

  1. A Reliable Source of Power: Solar energy provides a consistent and dependable source of electricity, reducing reliance on traditional power grids.

  2. Less Burden on the Environment: Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource that does not produce harmful emissions, contributing to a healthier environment.

  3. Performance Warranty on Solar Panels: Solar panels typically come with performance warranties, ensuring their efficiency and longevity, providing peace of mind for users.

  4. Low Maintenance Costs: Solar energy systems require minimal maintenance, resulting in cost savings over time compared to other energy sources.

  5. Increase in Property's Value: Installing solar panels can enhance the market value of a property, making it a desirable feature for potential buyers.

  6. Solar Credits: Solar credits, or feed-in tariffs, allow users to sell excess solar energy back to the grid, further reducing electricity costs and potentially generating income.

  7. Reduced Electricity Cost: Solar energy significantly lowers electricity bills, providing long-term financial benefits and energy independence.

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